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29th February 2008

5:16pm: Pity party
I know that I normally don't write in my journal, but I really need to put my real feelings somewhere.

Two weeks from tonight, I was supposed to play the lead (Aldonza) in my church's production of The Man of La Mancha.    I've been going to practices for the last two months, singing and listening to the music constantly so I could be sure to get it right.  

Wednesday night, at practice, I broke my ankle.  In two places.  And dislocated it.  I have to have surgery on Monday to get a metal plate inserted to help repair the damage.  The production thankfully will still be able to go on since they found someone who is willing to learn the part in the two weeks left, but I am so disappointed.  This is the first time I've even auditioned for a play or musical since high school (class of '93) and it's the first real musical lead I've had ever.   Deep down I really hoped that they would postpone the show to wait for me, especially since that was one of the options they were considering.  I know that God works in mysterious ways but right now, His way sucks.
Current Mood: crushed
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